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Has Your Financial Crisis Affected Your Family Values?

This is a touchy subject to address. Today many people are out of work, and losing their homes. It is the biggest economy crisis most of us have ever been alive to see and endure.We have heard reports on the news and the papers. But this does not even compare to what is actually going on inside these homes and the minds of the people who live there.

Do you find you and your spouse are arguing more then often now that you are in a financial bind? If so please read my blog at http://activerain.com/blogsview/878508/How-to-Cope-with-your-Marraige-During-a-Financial-Crisis. This may help you.

What my main focus on this blog is about our children. As adults, we have a lot of responsibilities. It can become very stressful at times. Sometimes, a financial crisis could even result in depression. Have you noticed that recently you haven't spent much time with the children. Maybe your on the computer, watching TV, or just trying to hide away from the world as everything seemingly collapses around you? Maybe you try to keep the little ones busy with cartoons so you don't have to deal with them. The only thing that occupies your mind is, thinking about how you are going to pay the mortgage or keep the electric on.

Our time with our children is precious. You already know this and of course this lingers in the back of your mind. But you are feeling so down, you almost don't have any energy to put into them. I know this because I have went through it myself. I also know that I am not the only one. That's why its imortant for me to share this with you. To shed some light on your situation at hand.

Problems will come and go. Your children will always be there, God willing, but will not stay young and full of energy. They will not always want you around or need your attention. Your children are probably the best remedies for you right now. It's amazing how they take your mind off of the bills or collections. Your children can give you that hug when you really need it. They will find all kinds of things to do with you and never run out of ideas. You can actually lose yourself in them and the fun you can have with them. This is a great therapy. It's a great way to pick yourself back up and put your pieces back together. Force yourself to try and you may be surprised with the results.

Your children will also remind you why you should never give up. When it seems like everything is going wrong in our lives, sometimes our children is the only reason we need to survive. If that's what it takes so be it. As long as there is some type of motivation to keep you going. If you give up, what is there to look forward to?

You will make it through this crisis, as long as you don't stop trying. I'm sure you are blessed in many other ways. Just recognize those blessings and be thankful for what you do have instead of dwelling on what you don't have.

There is so much more to life, and we are not promised tomorrow, so live in this day as it was your last. You will see how rewarding life can be.

God Bless


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Comment balloon 2 commentsC. Thompson • January 12 2009 08:34PM


Callie, Very well put. Children are very perceptive and they know when things aren't going right. It is very difficult for adults to let go of their every day problems but some how we have to try so that the problems we face don't rob our children of their childhood. It doesn't last very long in retrospect. If you stop and listen they often make you laugh or remind you of your childhood (hopefully bringing back good memories). Thanks for the reminder. I hope the adults listen.

Posted by Lisa Glowacki, Real Estate Broker - RI & MA (Lisa Glowacki - Rhode Island & Massachusetts) over 10 years ago

Hi Lisa,

Your right, and some people might say, "It's easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk." This is very true, but I also believe in mind over matter. If you keep your kids in mind, while going through your issues, it's easier to overcome and resist the urge to delve into depression. Sometimes, I even say, "My kids are what keeps me going!"

Posted by C. Thompson, Whole Sale Property Exchange (Whole Sale Property Exchange) over 10 years ago