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The Foreclosure Secret- The one we keep close to our hearts...

It is amazing how many people are dealing with the tremendous amount of stress by themselves when facing foreclosure. This tends to be a very private matter. A lot of times, I am the only person they have talked to about their financial situation. It must be hard to keep all of that anguish and anxiety locked away inside your mind and heart. Below are some reasons revealed to me on why people keep this traumatic event in their lives private:

1. Ashamed of their financial situation

2. Scared of what some people might think of them.

3. They don't want the pity.

4. They feel like a failure and want to fix it before anyone finds out.

5. Have been the one to come to when family or friends are in need. Embarrassed to be the one in need now.

I am sure there are many other reasons on why you may keep your foreclosure crisis close to your heart. This is very hard for you to deal with. You have never been in this situation before. It's almost as private as a divorce and not wanting to share those details with loved ones.

But it can become so overwhelming when there's noone to talk to, or turn to. We all need to vent sometimes. Find someone who you would trust with your life to share your crisis with. This can relieve a lot of stress and maybe they can help you come up with a plan. When you are emotional, tired and depressed, it becomes almost impossible to think of how to solve the problem. Instead you end up dwelling in it.

The reason we have loved ones, is so we do have someone to turn to during hard times, and to share our most intimate, personal secrets with. I'm sure you have had a freind or relative tell you what was on their mind. Maybe something that they were dealing with and needed to confide in someone. Most likely, you listened to them and offered advice, maybe even gave them a shoulder to cry on. Maybe you think you didn't do much at all, but to them, it meant the world to them that you were .....just there. 

Dealing with a crisis on your own, is a crisis with in itself. If there is noone you trust enough to confide in, I would suggest calling on Jesus. This might sound cheesy if you are not religious. But think about it, who else is there? Jesus is always listening. He stands there with His hand out, waiting for you to come to Him, confide in Him, and ask Him for help. He has always taken care of you, and knows your deepest darkest secrets even if you haven't told Him.

All I'm saying is, it's not a great idea to keep this to yourself. It's too much of a burden. I don't mind being your confident, but I'm sure there are people who love and care about you and would be more than happy to help you through this emotional time in your life.


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