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Losing My Home and I am Losing My Mind!


Many people who are falling behind in payments are now facing foreclosure. Sometimes you may feel like you are losing your home and losing your mind. Or maybe even depressed and close to suicidal. And it may even be hard for you to sleep at night and hard to cope with any of your daily activities And before you know it, you are ignoring all of the notices and phone calls from your lender, just hoping they will go away. In the meantime, you fall further and further behind. And before you know it, it's too late. You have finally been pushed out of that home you worked so hard for.

Losing my home and I am losing my mind, The above scenario does not have to take place. This is your home. You know, the one you were so ecstatic about when you opened your front door for the first time? The one you planned to raise your family in and celebrate all of the holidays, and decorate to your own taste? The American dream that you were finally a part of. Isn't this enough to give you some strength to fight back? Yes, I said fight back!

The letters will not go away. The phone calls will not stop. Even if you talked to your lender and you were told you don't qualify for a loan modification, or you never heard back from them. There is still hope for you.

This is what upsets me the most. Lenders will not admit that they just don't have enough staff to keep up with all of the pre-foreclosures. Instead they tell the distressed homeowners that they don't qualify or they can't help because of some ridiculous reason. What they should be telling them is, " We can't handle your case right now. Please seek outside help."

We actually pre- qualify, approve, and structure your loan modification packet. Our attorneys then mitigate and negotiate on your behalf. What does this mean? We convince the lender that it would be wise for them to change the terms of your loan so that you can afford it. The benefits to this can be lower interest rate, past due payments added to the end of the loan, reduced principle, longer term, or all of the above. The bank is also happy with this because they no longer are facing a huge loss if they foreclose on your home. Folks! The bank does not want your home! Fight back!

In order to qualify for this service, it's pretty simple.

Are you or were you facing a hardship?

Are you past due on payments or know you are unable to make the next one?

Has your rate adjusted and you can no longer afford the payments?

Investors? Have you lost a renter? Do you want to keep your property?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, most likely you qualify.

The first step, which is facing this problem head on, is the hardest step. No more denial. No more depression. No more hiding under the covers. No more fear. You are the homeowner, so you have the leverage. Use it to your benefit and fight back! Life entails of a lot of challenges. We are built to fight for what we love and have worked hard for.

Call me to see if you qualify or visit my website and fill out the online form. I care about you and will work hard to help you. 407-219-8739 or www.keepyourproperty.info.


C Thompson

Case Manager



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