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Thanksgiving During Hard Times

Thanksgiving is here and while many families are preparing for the "big meal", there are millions who are not. For those of you out there who are fighting just to keep your lights on, or to make that mortgage payment that is past due, try to keep your perspectives in place. I know it's hard when you have children who are looking forward to the holidays and expecting holiday rituals to take place. This is the time to explain to them what is most important. You can still have a nice meal and enjoy the precious time you have with your family.

Being able to share this valuable time with your beloved family members is essential. Even amidst all of your financial struggles right now, you still have your husband, or maybe your children to be thankful for. Spend this time of the year wisely. Talk to your kids and explain to them what is really meaningful or valuable. Life, friends, family. Enjoy playing board games, cards, or watching old movies, and snuggling. How about telling stories and reminiscing?

Below are some great websites that provide free fun stuff ideas. Towards the bottom of this blog, you will find that maybe you can afford a Thanksgiving meal after all....


Arts and Crafts for Everyone! This site contains other activities as well.

More games and craft ideas- More Family Fun!

Party Games and Ideas for All Ages!!

Creative Ideas For The Littles Ones to Make and Do!

Head Start For Pre-Schoolers- Works Great For My Son

Great Ideas For Married Couples!

Fun Things to Do Online for The Singles!

More Fun Ideas For Singles Offline!!

My Favorite Recipe Site! Cooking can be great therapy! (and eating it too!)

Ideas for Affordable Thanksgiving dinner: Family of 4

1 Whole chicken- $6

Turkey Gravy in a can is best- $1 (gives you that turkey taste!)

2 Canned generic Veggies- $1

Yams on sale at Walmart 25 cents per pound - $1

Instant Russet Potatoes- $1.50

Boxed Mac and Cheese- $1

Bisquik mix for Rolls- $1.50

2 Generic Sodas- $1.50

1 Box of generic Stuffing (turkey flavor) -$1

Bake a cake for dessert (cake + icing) -$2

Total- $17.50

All of the above you can season to how you like it or add ingredients to them to doctor them up. Be creative, it's Thanksgiving!

Hint- Check your cheaper grocery stores: example- Walmart Superstore, Save-A-Lot- you may be surprised at all of the sales.


I hope this is helpful information, and just remember to enjoy the holidays and appreciate the things that you do have rather then fretting about what you don't have. Material items come and go but family and love always remains!

God Bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Note- if you have any other ideas for affordable meals please comment and let others know!


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