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How long will these low gas prices last?

Most of us — at least those of us not in the oil business — have been enjoying the recent drastic reduction in prices at the gas pumps.

We had better enjoy them while we can — our close friends in OPEC have already held an “emergency meeting” to cut production lest the prices drop even lower.

Horrors! They will only be able to buy four Bentelys and two yachts instead of half a dozen Bentleys and three yachts.

And the big multi-national corporations will only be up to their belly buttons instead of their armpits in money.

Greed is what drove those prices up, just as greed is what got Wall Street into trouble.

Those of you who were around for the fuel crisis of the 1970s can remember escalating prices, an OPEC embargo and near-rationing conditions.

We know the name of the game, and the game is get as much as you can for as long as you can.

If one of us hard working folks goes broke, the big money boys come in and repossess the car, foreclose on the house and nail us to the wall.

Maybe they should get a taste of their own medicine.

It’s high time something was done about overregulated, overpriced diesel fuel.

While the drop in diesel prices was a relief for farmers, the fall in corn prices that came with it was a kick in the teeth for them.

All of us, are pretty satisfied with the current gas prices. But about 10 years ago we would have thought today's prices were extermely steep.

We need to reduce our oil addiction ourselves by working harder on alternative energy sources and domestic sources of oil and natural gas.

Think of us as overweight and needing diet and exercise — diet being cutting down on fuel use and exercise being working on those domestic and alternative energy sources.


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