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How To Qualify For a Loan Modification

How to qualify for Loss Mitigation and/or a Loan Modification


Many people are asking themselves this very question at this very moment. How do I qualify for a loan modification?

As a homeowner facing a hardship and struggling on a day to day basis, your not sure which route to take to make your financial predicament better. Your not even familiar with what options are available to you. Or who to turn to for help. Who can you trust?

Loan modifications are becoming extremely popular and seems to be the new trend. Be careful when choosing a Loan Modification Company. It's sad to say there are sharks out there waiting to take a bite out of your hard times. Be informed, and ask the right questions. Do your research. Remember this is your home at stake.

The #1 question being asked is, Do I Qualify?

 I believe in making sure you qualify for a loan modification before you pay for any service.  Attorneys are very aggressive and work hard to provide you with a solution to your property in distress. Your qualification is not based on your credit. Your application will consist of your budget, income, property information, and whatever hardship you incurred. There will be a money back guarantee, so it is important the Attorney/s are confident they can take on your case, before you commit.

Ask yourself these questions and if you answer yes to any of them, then most likely you are a prime candidate for a loan modification.

Am I at least 1 payment past due or know that I am unable to make the next payment?

Has my ARM expired and now I'm stuck with a higher rate and
can't afford the new payment?

Am I being harassed by my bank?

Has my house went into foreclosure and a
sale date has been set?

Did I have a hardship that caused me to fall behind on my payments?

Am I trying to sell my home but I 'm running
out of time?

Am I losing sleep at night, wondering how I can provide for my family?

Would I like to keep my home

I have complied a handful of companies who:

1. Are members of the BBB with a Good rating or in good standing with the Bar Association  if they are an Attorney
2. Are attorney based or a Law Firm who oversees the files or does the actual negotiating
3. Have proof of success
4. Have passed my legitimacy test (scam free, and researched thoroughly through reliable resources, contracts reviewed, and imperative questions answered)
5. Have reasonable fees and have a Money Back Guarantee
6. Have the clients best interest in mind
7. Are structured and organized
8. Are in compliance with federal regulations and guidelines
9. Are helping homeowners in the State you reside in

As you can see this takes a lot of footwork and many hours to develop. Each company is unique in their own way and offer different services and have variable fees. After speaking with you about your unique situation and having evaluated your circumstances, I will suggest someone who suits your needs, explain the process, and will be there every step of the way.


 My mission is to help as many people as possible who are facing a financial hardship, by providing solutions to keeping their property. As a Christian, I have a responsibility to be completely honest and to provide you with legitimate help. I firmly believe that whoever contacts me for help was sent from God therefore it is expected of me to take care of His children. This is not just a job for me, this is my passion. My heart and soul goes into every one of my clients. Everyone has their own special, unique situation, and each is treated with diligence, honesty, and compassion. I withhold no information and give you everything you need to make an informed decision, including the positive and negative of a loan modification. Whether you receive help from me, or someone else, what matters is you are getting honest help and I hope to be a part of your solution by providing you with useful tips, resources, and exceptional service.

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If you have any questions or would like to apply for a loan modification feel free to contact me:

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Interesting post.  Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Aida Pinto, Real Estate Broker (562) 884-6196 (United Associated Brokers) over 10 years ago

It sounds like you guys are providing a needed service.  Hopefully, you're able to help a lot of homeowners that aren't able to qualify for loan modifications through their current lenders.

Posted by Tracy Miller, S. S. Specialist over 10 years ago