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How to Avoid Loan Modification Scams

How to avoid Loan Modification scams 


This is the biggest dilemma a homeowner is faced with when looking for help to avoid foreclosure. Who to choose, where to start and who is legit? It's not a secret that nearly 75% of Loan modification companies are fraudulent or scam artists.

Loan modifications are in high demand right now. This makes it easy for scammers to pray on innocent people who usually will end up victims. Many lose their homes and the fee they invested for mitigation services. What's worse is, many homeowners entrust their last dime to an outside source who is supposed to help them.

This is why it is important homeowners take the necessary steps to ensure they have hired a trusted Attorney to deliver favorable results. This will also improve the state of our economy, because more people will be able to remain in their homes.

These said Loan modification companies often attempt to scam borrowers by accepting money or fees for loan modification services and then rejecting any type of loan modification that is plausible for the borrower,  or imply minimal work on a file and do not implement negotiating tactics. Meaning they will get a package together for you, submit it to the lender, and accepts whatever the lender  which will end up in less favorable results for the homeowner. 

The best way to avoid Loan modification scams is to Retain an Attorney. Licensed Attorneys have a threatening presence in front of the lender and experienced in analysis and arbitration necessary to reach a fair agreement. You also are protected with the Attorney/Client Privilege which means everything is confidential.


Scroll down for tips on How to Avid Loan Modification scams, or keep reading if you would like help locating an affordable, established Attorney or Law Firm that can assist you in your area.


I have done extensive research, reviewed contracts, and asked imperative questions with many Attorneys. Based on my research, I have found a few affordable, honest Attorneys, and I am now directing distressed homeowners to them while participating during the process. 

I have complied a handful of Attorneys and Law Firms who:

1. Are  in good standing with the Bar Association
2. Are actual licensed attorneys who will be representing you and negotiating for you.
3. Have proof of success
4. Have passed my legitimacy test (scam free, and researched thoroughly through reliable resources.)
5. Have reasonable fees
6. Have the clients best interest in mind
7. Are structured and organized
8. Are in compliance with federal regulations and guidelines
9. Are helping homeowners in the State you reside in

10. Offer a Money Back Guarantee


******Tips on How to Avoid Loan Modification Scams. This is what I found during my research:******

Tell tale signs of a Loss Mitigation Scam:

  • Charges a huge upfront fee :

 Do not pay an upfront fee to anyone who is not a Licenced Attorney or Law Firm. There are some Loan Modification companies who will charge sometimes up to $7500 with out even reviewing your file upfront. This is an automatic Red Flag! These are what I refer to as Fee Chasers. In most cases you are promised the world "verbally" and a stage of urgency is set to scare you into paying them immediately.

  • Collects upfront fee with out explaining the process, or does not seem interested in your circumstances .

Anyone legit will listen and care about what your going through, and will explain exactly what you are paying for and what to look forward to while on the program. There should be no unanswered questions. Listen to your intuition! It is screaming at you!

  • Does not stop the foreclosure legally

    If your home is in foreclosure and you hire a company who is supposed to be negotiating on your behalf, what if the lender takes a long time to respond? Your may lose your home. There is no real sign to look out for on this one other than reading over your contract thoroughly to observe what services you will be paying for. Remember: Verbal promises are obsolete.

    • Will accept the first proposal from the lender 

    You pay an upfront fee for a Loan Mod, and with in 90 days your bank comes back with a modification that does not suit you or your budget. or worse had not even been contacted. Now you find yourself 3 more months past due and probably a lot closer to foreclosure. A lot of times homeowners are forced into accepting terms that are not beneficial in order to keep their home, just to find themselves right back in the same situation a few months later. Problem is, you only are allowed one modification per year as it stands now. If you choose carefully and are working with an Attorney your loan mod should turn out significantly better, which obviously results in long term benefits.

    • Virtual Company:

    These days the Internet has so much power you could literally have your business online without a physical location. Any Attorney you hire should have a verifiable physical address and stated as a Firm. Make sure to check the Bar Association too. They will know of any complaints that have been filed. Unlike the BBB, you can't pay the Bar Association for a good rating.

    • Did someone promise you certain terms or rates for your loan modification?

     This may be your biggest tip. Huge Red Flag! If you are being promised an interest rate, or an exact principle reduction amount, most likely you are just being told what you want to hear. Please note that no one can promise you anything without negotiating with your lender. This is extremely important. Legally you have no leg to stand on in court if anything was verbally promised to you because there is no way for you to prove it. Challenge them and ask them to provide what they are verbally telling you in writing. I can tell you this. It won't happen.

    • Is there an approval process?

    Before you agree to paying any fee at all, there should be an application process which would determine if you qualify for this assistance. This should not include credit qualifying. Credit is not a determining factor. The application should include, your budget, income, property info, and hardship, basically an entire package should be submitted and reviewed before the loan mod company or Attorney decides to take on your case. Your approval should not be determined on the first phone call.

    • Can not find them on the BBB, or anywhere else for that matter.

    Most companies who have been in business for at least a year will have a rating with the better business bureau whether they are a member or not. But the BBB is over -rated so take heed and don't stop there when doing your research.  The best place to research an Attorney's background is with the Bar Association. You want to make sure you are working with a leader in the industry. Extensive research can help you establish this. 

    On the other hand, there are some legit companies who do what they say they will do. if you can affor to hire a Loan Modification Company, then you can afford an Attorney. But just be cautious while looking for help. This is a booming industry and there is a lot of greed. Doing this kind of research can be exhausting. You may still find that after researching them you are still unsure. It is very tedious work and does take time. Aside from researching them, you should know what questions to ask and read your agreement or contract carefully. I have provided some resources for you to begin your search. Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer protection agency, and rip off report.

    If you would like help locating an Attorney who can assist you in your area, please contact me. I will be more than happy to help.


    There is assistance available to everyone in any state.


    This is what we do for our clients:

    • I will analyze your situation and take an application to see if you qualify for free. You do not have to pay a Retainer Fee until your case has been reviewed and accepted.
    • The Attorneys Legally place the foreclosure process on pause
    • Increased time to sell or rebuild your financial situation is an inherent benefit (Sometimes you are able to freeze your payments for up to 6 months depending on your hardship.)
    • Help stop harassing phone calls (tell your lender to contact your Attorney who will speak on your behalf)
    • Formulate a plan that fits with in the home owner's budget (reduced rate, 30-40 fixed term)
    • Work to have missed payments moved to end of the loan
    • To work with your lender to provide you with the best modification that fits with in your budget
    • Work to reduce or eliminate 2nd or 3 rd mortgage, or ask for a principle reduction if you owe more than your loan amount.
    • To keep your family in your home and avoid displacement.
    • To do everything possible to work out a solution. If your lender is unwilling to work with us, they need to provide a good explanation as to why. We will then talk to you about some other foreclosure prevention options that are available to you. Our mission is for you to keep your property, but this may not be beneficial to everyone. 
    • Provide you with a money back guarantee if for some reason they are unable to work out a solution that improves your current situation (which is about a 2% chance after having your case accepted), no questions asked!


    The Fees are about the only thing competitive. You may think that having a team of Attorneys assisting you would be very expensive. This was one of the biggest challenge in my research. Finding not only legit help for my clients, but to make sure the fees are affordable. The fees happen to be very fair and competitive with even loan modification companies who don't even come close to providing you with an array of services. The best thing is, your going with a trusted Attorney who has credentials to back it up.

    I pledge to be 100% honest, diligent, and treat you with integrity.

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    If you feel this information was useful, please comment


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    C Thompson

    Account Manager

    Call me: 

    Fax: 206-203-1890

    Email me: keepyourproperty911@gmail.com


    Comment balloon 53 commentsCallie Thompson • August 04 2008 03:59PM


    Hey callie thanks for the Info, this is a very serious issue and people like you need to shine a light on these SICK companies.


    Posted by Derrick about 12 years ago

    Hi Callie, I agree clients have to be extra careful. However the same can be said with an Attorney! You pay upfront yet you can not be guarentee that you're going to get the results you need!

    Posted by Clark Garrison, "Loan Modifications" (Taylor 1 INC) about 12 years ago

    Clark- You can if there's a money back guarentee. Maybe a track record? How bout no complaints?

    Posted by Callie Thompson, Property Xchange Solutions (Property Xchange Solutions) about 12 years ago

    Thank you for bring this out in the light! 

    Please feel free to post your blog on my group: Real Estate Fraud, Scams and Ponzi schemes REPORT THEM HERE: http://activerain.com/groups/FraudAlert

    I created this group because I am fed up with all these scams!  So if we do our part to flush out these scammers by blogging about it--we are done our public service.

    If we ignore this problem and bury our heads in the sand-we are, in essence, helping the fraudsters to their job.  Let's not continue the madness!

    Remember, we Realtors get scammed too!

    Please help me help others by reporting Scammers, Fraudsters, Swindlers! 

    Posted by Aida Pinto, Real Estate Broker (562) 884-6196 (Independent Real Estate Broker) about 12 years ago

    Thanks callie for the info, people should be aware of this and I will spread the word !!!!

    Posted by William about 12 years ago

    Callie, it really is awful how people can prey on those in need. Unfortunately, time and time again we see the greed and dollar signs running in front of people's eyes when all that they can think of is the almighty buck! It's sickening.

    Posted by Lynn Pineda, Real Estate Promises delivered in SE Florida (eXp Realty) about 12 years ago

    You are so right.  This has to be done the right way.  Homeowners should be aware of who they are dealing with.

    Posted by Don Draughn - Mortgage Professional almost 12 years ago

    Aida- Thank you, I will post this in your group!

    William- You can feel at ease that will will be sending people to a legit trustworthy company with a track record to prove it! Thanks for the referrals!

    Lynn- Unfortunately there are predatory loss mitigation companies, as there were lenders. I agree with you 100%

    Don- You are correct, that's why I do not hold back any information in hopes someone will read this and make and informative decision.

    Posted by Callie Thompson, Property Xchange Solutions (Property Xchange Solutions) almost 12 years ago

    This is a great post.  You provided a wealth of information, and I'm sure that both real estate professisonals and troubled homeowners will find this information very useful.

    Posted by Tracy Miller, S. S. Specialist almost 12 years ago

    Thank you all for your comments.


    Note: Do not advertise on my blog!

    Posted by Callie Thompson, Property Xchange Solutions (Property Xchange Solutions) almost 12 years ago



    Just yesterday I referred the son of a client to a loan modification specialist.  He was quoted a total fee of $2500, of which $800 was to be upfront and nonrefundable.  There also was no mention of a "money back guarantee".


    Is your "money back guarantee" in writing?  And if so, could you post a link to it or send it to me via email?


    Thank you,




    Posted by Anonymous over 11 years ago

    Hi Everyone, I totally fell for it too, i'm so embarrassed and I feel so stupid. I paid FLM $2000 upfront and lost 3 months before I realized nothing had been done. Please be careful with who you give money to before they give you any product. Thank god i found this website because a HUD counselor from Hope Now gave it to me: loanfraudrecovery.org   I got my money back finally with their help. It may be useful to other people, just putting it out there for anyone scammed like me. :(

    Posted by Jessica over 11 years ago

    I work for a home loan servicer.  Never pay to get a modification because it can be done by yourself for FREE.  Yes, you may have to be on the phone and visit a fax machine, but the way the investors look at it, that money you spend could be keeping your loan current... and then you are denied.

    Posted by Someonewhoknows over 11 years ago

    Jessica- There are a lot of scammers out there and that's why it's important to do your research thoroughly. Also, you can not charge an upfront fee unless you are either an Attorney or an Attorney based company. I'm glad you recovered your losses! And thank you for the useful information.



    Posted by Callie Thompson, Property Xchange Solutions (Property Xchange Solutions) over 11 years ago

    To Someonewhoknows- Just for the record many of my clients have tried to work directly with their lender and have either been denied for absurd reasons, have not been contacted in months, or has been offered a reinstatement plan that does not suit their current budget. It is not an easy task to obtain a loan modification yourself. Also, when you contact the lender for help you are at their mercy, there is no negotiation. If you had a bad tooth would you pull it out yourself or consult with a dentist?

    Posted by Callie Thompson, Property Xchange Solutions (Property Xchange Solutions) over 11 years ago

    Can anyone tell me if Federal Home Loan Relief is a legit company?

    Posted by alice over 11 years ago

    We invested in SAVEMYHOMEUSA because of all the positive things we've heard from family, and because of the BBB rating it had.  They boast a 100% money back guarantee but alas, WE WERE SCAMMED anyway. 

    We met 100% of their requirements.  They did "negotiate" with our lender but we were denied an adjustment because 'after all the bills are paid for the month there is an access of $15.47'.  Heaven forbid a car breakdown or our sump pump go out!!!

    So according to savemyhomeusa we were supposed to get a check for a FULL refund.  We FINALLY got a check after threatening them with a lawsuit.  WE DID NOT GET A FULL REFUND like they said we would.  We paid $1,995 for the program and only got $1,390 of it back.   They scammed us $606.95. 

    Posted by Jenny over 11 years ago

    Hey Jenny

    I got scammed by SavemyhomeUSA also.  Same thing; I paid them a fee, waited months for a "modification" which resulted in the same interest rate, same loan types, with just thousands added to the prinicple and the payment being 500 a month higher.  Seriously?  And, I was told that "is a great deal".  What deal, I can go out into any street and hand over hundreds of dollars to someone without having to put it in writing if I want to just give my money away.

    Also, the refund?  Well at least your check cashed.  I received mine and went to their bank to cash it; non-sufficient funds.  What a shady company SavemyhomeUSA is.  It is a felony, called check fraud to write a check on NSF.  If they cover the check, great they're still a scam company (hence the request for refund).  If they do not, I will be contacting district attorney, my attorney, and the attorney general. 

    By the way, I will be losing my home.  I was told by one of the representatives to "stop paying your mortgage payment".  Of course they tell you that they would never tell you that.  Why wouldn't they want you to stop?  It makes it easier for them to keep you hanging on, and in the end, they will give your information to another scam company that comes in like a buzzard looking for dead meat.  Check out this website:  http://www.motivatedsellermagnet.net/million_dollar_idea.html  This website says they get most of their leads from SavemyhomeUSA. 

    Posted by Stormy over 11 years ago

    Has anyone ever heard anything negitive about Homeowners Relief Group, Inc. They are located in San Juan Capistrano, Ca. They have a real office location. Are Attorney based. I can't fine anything about them on BBB. I also googled them and nothing negitive came up only their website. They do charge an up front fee. Their cost for a loan modification is $2495 and require 60% up front to start the negotiations.


    Posted by G. Colmer over 11 years ago
    How about Loan Repair and Rescue? I am just curious if they are real this is the website : http://loanrepairandrescue.com they also require up front payment but no money back guarantee any related information is much appreciated. Ray S.
    Posted by Ray Scott over 11 years ago
    Stormy, Thats a great story stormy . Anyone can come on here and blast a certain company. But you should make sense of it if thats what you are going to do. If they got you a modification that was worse for you and you signed it thats your fault. At that time you should have asked for a refund. then you go on to say that you did get a refund but the check was bad. Seems like even if they pay you your still not going to be happy. You said if they pay the check great but they are still a scam company hence the refund. So because they agreed as part of the contract to give you a refund if they couldnt help you and they actually hold true to that, they are a scam. Wow.....Im betting that the nsf check was a mistake and that you were taken care of by now. And I hope you were, if your story was true. Jen, Maybe you should have read the contract. If save my home usa, offered a money back guarantee, and you got 3/4th's of your money back then they held up their side of the contract. Are you sure it didnt say that in the contract....???? But in your mind im sure they are suppose to work on your file for free. By the way Ive used save my home usa, and they helped me keep my house. They stopped my sheriff sale with a weeks notice, lowered my principal and interest rate, and Im now in a mortgage I can afford for life. I have no complaints
    Posted by Rainy over 11 years ago

    Nicely written and informative blog Callie!  Loan modification fraud is booming, along side the number of foreclosures.  Its good to note that the Department of Financial Institution has advised homeowners to make sure their loan modification provider is licensed as a loan originator prior to using any of their services.  Verifying a license at http://www.dfi.wa.gov/ is always recommended.  As you suggest, knowing your rights and options is key, along with assuring you are doing business with a legitimate, and well-vouched-for company. 

    Ben M.

    Posted by ratemodify.com modify (www.ratemodify.com) about 11 years ago

    I think that your blog is great. I unfortunately came across it too late. I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY SAVEMYHOMEUSA for $3100.00  It has been a complete and total nightmare. I fell for their "money back guarantee" and I never recieved a penny back. Instead I seem to only get voicemails and nobody ever calls me back. Instead one of their employees sent a fax to my employer tellinh him that I call too much during the times I am on the clock. SO NOT ONLY AM I LOOSING MY HOUSE, NOT ONLY HAVE I BEEN BURNED BY SAVEMYHOMEUSA, BUT I MAY ALSO LOOSE MY JOB..... I plan on continuing to write the mortgage loan division, atty general and whoever it takes to make sure that this never happens to a struggling family again... SHAME ON YOU SAVEMYHOMEUSA

    Posted by brad keith about 11 years ago


    Posted by DONUP about 11 years ago

    Has anyone heard of Loss Mitigation Group, Inc, a loan modification division of Blue Capital Law Firm, P. C.?  They allegedly are based out of San Diego, CA but can't find them on BBB web site.

    Posted by Dave G about 11 years ago

    Wanted to add that Save My Home USA is a scam! We checked to BBB before deciding to go with them and they were accredited. Then... We paid them money they requested. We was already 3 months behind on our mortgage.

    I had not heard from Save My Home USA in nearly 3 weeks so attempted to contact them to see what the deal was. No phone number work anymore, their website is being directed to a different web site lmprocessing and then I checked BBB website and they have been REVOKED! Now I am 8 months behind on my mortgage since Save My Home USA told me not to have contact with the bank of make any payments, we are out all the money we paid them and are probably def. going to lose our home unless our bank works with us!

    If anyone finds information on Save My Home USA, please post it! The BBB even listed on their site that no one is able to get intouch with them!

    Posted by Dinah about 11 years ago

    I just want to say for the person above bashing intellichoice, they were not always a scam. I worked there for a long time and help to save many homes in the time I worked there with many happy clients. 

    Posted by sandiegogirl almost 11 years ago

    I called Guardian Advocate Group to modify my loan way back in June. I talked to a guy named Gregg Shwack and was convinced that this was a legitimate loan modification company. I also had small email communication with Mike Luchen (CEO), who also assured me that I was in good hands. 

    The web site http://www.guardianmods.com/ states that the processing team will keep you informed but this was really not the case. I had to call just to get a status and I would also shoot emails to Gregg and he would respond with few words like, "We are working on it". That's the status I got for the past 3 months. 

    About 3 weeks ago, Gregg Shwack directed me to call their processing department to get updates on my loan. The first time I called, the lady "Gail" told me that their computer systems were down and that she would have to get back to me the following Monday. Monday came and no call so I called and got an answering machine that says their moving and would re-open that wednesday in the evening. So, I waited to Wednesday evening and called but still got the answering machine. I tried calling for the rest of that week and got that same answering machine.  At this point I was frustrated so I called Gregg Shwack again and left a message to have him call me back. I didn't get a call so the next day I called and left another message that I called. 

    Now, every time I call, he is in a meeting.  I've sent emails to Gregg Shwack, Mike Luchen and many others trying to get someone to contact me back so I can get a refund on the loan modification that never happened. I was promised by Gregg Shwack that all my money would be returned so I want it to be returned. The last email I got from Gregg Shwack was this: "Your.file is complete !!!!! 98 percent of all files from your lender has been REJECTED!!!!!!! IAM SAD TO SAY.THIS.MAYBE THE.CASE" Well, if that's the case, I should get a refund as promised! Now he won't talk to me or neither will no one in his company.

    Posted by eric almost 11 years ago

    FYI, Mike Luchen is in prison and you will not hear back from MIKE LUCHEN from the Guardian Advocate Group for a long long time...he has been convicted and is in jail!  He evidently thought being a top agent gave hime the right to go against the law!

    Coldwell Banker in White Plains has dropped him and his license and his listings have been assigned to other agents.  Coldwell Banker has silenced their agents and have been told to say he has taken time off due to personal reasons.

    I can't stand these people who make it bad for the rest of us honest and hardworking agents!


    Here is his site



    Posted by Mike Penn almost 11 years ago

    Beware of the PRIORITY MORTGAGE GROUP, INC. DBA PRIORITY FINANCIAL GROUP. They have a DRE licence 01789005. I paid them $4000 advance fee to handle my loan modification application with IndyMac. Guess what? My house was foreclosed anyway. I called IndyMac why was my house foreclosed despite my pending loan modification application. They said that the only communication they got from the Priority Mortgage Group was a request to list them as an authorized party on my loan and NOTHING ELSE!

    Now I am having difficulty recovering my money because their Designated Officer, Mr. David Gomez, continues to ignore me.

    I guess the DRE licence is not a foolproof indicator to tell the difference between acam artists and honest-to-goodness professionals.

    I would be very happy to see their licence revoked.

    Posted by Ruel Anda almost 11 years ago

    This is all wonderfully good advice.  You have put it so well here.  Many consumers have been duped into paying upfront loan mod fees and have nothing to show for it. 

    Thanks for providing this needed info to all of those struggling to pay their mortgages and looking for some relief.

    Posted by Dan Quinn, Dan Quinn (The Eric Steart Group of Long & Foster Real Estate) almost 11 years ago

    MIKE LUCHEN aka Mike Yeninas is in fact a convicted felon now. He is serving his sentence in Ottisville Federal Prison Camp. Hopefully the state will yank his real estate license for good. Its people like this that give all the good Realtors a bad name

    Posted by Daviv almost 11 years ago

    Callie just called me. She made a great point in which she pointed out the methods I used to get her attention. I should not have questioned her Christianity. I know understand the situation and what had transpired. I apologize to you Callie. i truly ask for your forgiveness in the way i went about trying to contact you.

    Even after i did what I did- she offered advice and counseled me on my situation. Again- Callie....I apologize and thank you for your efforts.

    Posted by J. Sandoval almost 11 years ago

    KSA - No they can not advise you not to make your payments! 

    Posted by laon moddette over 10 years ago


    Forensic loan audits are yet another phony foreclosure-relief service hawked by loan-modification consultants trying to cash in on the desperation of homeowners facing foreclosure. The foreclosure-relief industry continues to be long on promises, but short on results. Folks keep your money. 

    Posted by Marty and Laurie Gale, Utah Realty | 801-205-3500 | UtahRealtyPlace.com (Utah Realty ) over 10 years ago

    I went through a company called AFS (A Fresh Start), in 2009, and the attorney they work with, Michael M. Yellin in LA.

    I filled out all the papers, paid $2000 to the attorney and waited, and waited, and waited.  They did send all the papers to my lender about the time the lender started forclosure procedings.  I kept calling the attorney's rep that was the POC but she could never get the lender to assign a negotiator.  When my lender finally assigned a negotiator my house was going up for auction and I had no choice but to take their offer or lose my house.

    I had a ARM and the new modification gave me a lower interest rate by 1.5% and is still a ARM.  I felt I got scammed by AFS and the lawyer.  To top it off my lender tacked on $18,000 to my loan and part of that was their lawyers fees, so I got double whammied.

    With all the hype that was in the news and all the programs out there I was under the assumption that these attorneys that are working for you would try to find the best deal and not rely on just my lender.  So much for assumptions.




    Posted by Valere Knight over 10 years ago

    I have just had a bad experience with priority finanacial group in San Dimas, John De La Garza handled my modification request, the one thing that I request that he keep me informed on the update calls with the BofA on the status of my modification, he failed to do that, when you call him and leave messages to call you he fails to respond. I received notification that my home is up for sale Aug 17th 2010, I was never told by priority finanacial of this only thru my calling BofA was I made aware of what was going on, when I questioned John Dela Garza about this he said not to worry that all homes that are delinquent will automatically go into forclousure but as long as you are in active stage of modification they cannot sell your home, I asked if I should attempt to make my loan current, he said that these are scare tatics that the banks do in order to get money from you and not to worry because once the modification is complete you will be forgiven for the late fees and such and any money you owe will be be put on the back end of the loan so if you send money it will throw the numbers off and figures will have to be recalculated. I am really disappointed that I did not qualify for the modification but I am more disappointed that companies like priorty financial group are allowed to operate with agents like John De La Garza.  

    Posted by William Mesquite about 10 years ago

    William contact me right away. 407-219-8739. I am the one that wrote this blog. I may have some suggestions for you. Thanks

    Posted by Callie Thompson, Property Xchange Solutions (Property Xchange Solutions) about 10 years ago

    My Dad bought his home in 1988. Since then he has divorced, remarried, refinanced, remodeled and now is divorced again. Now the value of his home is less than what he owes and since he divorced he can't afford the payments on his own. He went through the the home loan mod through his bank which is BofA who put him on a trial payment plan FOR ALMOST A YEAR. He made all the payments on time then they told him he was rejected for the mod and needed to pay what he owed which is $13,000 if he wants to keep the house. This is the first home he's ever owned and doesn't want to lose it. It seems even the banks are in on the scams theses days. They tell you to go on a "trial" payment plan then reject you when you do everything they've asked and paid on time. It doesn't make any sense. If he had that kind of money he wouldn't need the modification. Are they getting money from the government while they make people think they are getting a modification? The only option seems to be a short sale where the bank isn't going to get the money their owed anyways.

    Please help with any advice. I am now in the process of potentially getting a modification through BofA. My wife and I have recently both been laid off of work and we are scared that getting into any home loan mod, even with our lender, is a scam.


    Posted by Chris almost 10 years ago

    Like so many others my husband & I also tried to get a modification with BoA after a year of trial pymts we were told our modification was denied and that we are now past due over $13,000.00 and we were now in foreclosure again BOA put us in a Modification Review.  It has now been another 6 months and they just declined us for MHA program but the we may qualify for another modification and he we wait again.  I started to see if there is any company that can help us.  We don't want to loose our home.  I have been contacted by three companies ( all law firms), NMHC, Friedland law group, and Defense law Center, they all say they can help us.  I am really scared to commit to one of these companies as we really don't have the money ( they all want $2000 - $4000) to help us. Has anyone dealt with any of them, or is there some company out their that can really help us?  Please email me at Dutmax07@yahoo.com if there is anybody out there that can help


    Posted by J E over 9 years ago

    Hi, I am dealing with a company called Estate Law Group and they aksed for money up front and two additonal payments down the road. I could not find anything negative about them and that is why I chose to use them, if anyone out there has had experience good or bad please let me know soonest because I am really searching before I give them another red penny and end up losing my home anyway.



    Posted by Matt over 8 years ago

    Matt, I was contacted by Estate Law Group and am looking into their background now.  So far there hasnt been much info available, which makes me leary.  However, the conversations I've had with my account rep have all stayed away from cost or fees and have been noticably absent of any overt requests for private information.  I'm interested to know what you decided or found out and will continue to look for more details or background on the business.

    Posted by jd over 8 years ago

    I was contacted by Estate Law Group and spoke with them yesterday.  The gentleman sounded very professional.   I decided to check the internet for reviews on them.   I also searched the attornies that are listed on their website www.estate-lawgroup.net.    Some of the same attornies are listed on the website for State Law Group.  I could not find any information on two of the attornies that were listed.  I found several complaints about the State Law Group, so I am not going to use Estate Law Group.  If Estate Law Group is using the same attornies, I can't have faith in that company either. 

    Posted by Jeanette over 8 years ago
    Sad that these scams are still happening. Marked this post for a clean up.
    Posted by Pete Xavier, Outstanding Agent Referrals-Nationwide (Investments to Luxury) over 7 years ago

    Can you help me please let me know

    Posted by david gregory about 7 years ago
    WARNING... Stay away from this scamming, inhuman firm. They got me good for over $3200. They goated me along for over a year making me do the same submissions over and over. Then, "NO CONTACT". No return calls. I know this has happened to others..and would like to know if anyone knows of a multi-party law suit I can join for possible recovery? They encouraged me that the new loan was imminent, right up to the end. The purported boss/owner is Richlyn Graf. The main con artist is, John Davi.
    Posted by David over 6 years ago

    Thanks C. Thompson for the very precise breifing on loan modification. NOw a days these scams are creating many problems regarding short sales.

    Home owners should really beware of these scams.

    Posted by Sara Chris (Absolute Consultant Group) about 6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this information.  It is most informative.

    Buyers, sellers and real estate professionals could really benefit from it!

    Have a productive week! 


    Posted by Jim Crawford, Jim Crawford Atlanta Best Listing Agents & REALTOR (Maximum One Executive REALTORS®) about 6 years ago


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