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Another Foreclosure NightMare


Another Foreclosure NightMare 



Diana Higginson just lost her home to foreclosure. "It was just a really bad time. I just completely shut down. I could not talk to anyone, I couldn't open the mail. I basically just stayed in bed with the covers over my head, I couldn't deal. " When I caught up Diana in Emmet County - she and her husband Dave were less than 8 hours away from moving out of their home.
In fact it's the second foreclosure in a year for Higginson, who also owned rental property. There, she says he tenants stopped paying rent. And then the trouble only got worse - for Dave with the death of a child and battle against diabetes -- and an ongoing struggle for Diana with multiple sclerosis.

When we met, the Emmet County couple was packing everything they own, and moving -- to three storage units. They say they'll live in a campground trailer for the time being until they figure out what to do next. Diana's husband Dave Wido says "[We were] trying to get refinanced, couldn't get nobody to refinance us. My wife going through lots of stress. It's been rough. A lot of sleepless nights."

If you find yourself in trouble, the experts say it's best to talk to your mortgage company immediately, and try to work something out before you get too far behind. Most mortgage foreclosure proceedings start after 3 months of not making payments.The sad thing is people don't come in for help as soon as they should. Unfortunately they come in a little too late, most of the people come in when they've received their foreclosure notice and the sale's been scheduled."

Loan modification 
can help you save your property, and our Attorneys stop foreclosure while negotiating on your behalf for a loan modification that will fit with in your budget. In most cases the mortgage company doesn't want to foreclose, and it doesn't want to own another property.  Greenwald says, "the lenders seem to be much more willing to rewrite the loans and give the people another chance and a fresh start now, because of all these homes that are being foreclosed on and sitting empty out there. "

Diana Higginson and her husband tried to negotiate with their lender, but they kept getting the runaround - until it was too late. And that's where a third party comes in and negotiate on your behave . So if you make the call it's best to ask to speak a loss mitigation specialist.

Unfortunatley, In some cases homeowners feel they have no choice. but in reality they do, So many times I hear this familar saying "I just take it one day at a time, or  If I wake up the next day and get out of bed it's a good day, but in reality you do have options just dont wait until its too late.

has some extra tips for you if you're worried about foreclosure. First, come in or call them for help once you're two months behind on payments. Foreclosure proceedings usually start once you're three months past due. Another time to ask for help - if you've received a "30 day notice" that you need to get caught up. And your lender may not accept partial payments unless you've worked out an arrangement ahead of time - in fact partial payments may even be returned to you.



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