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StressEraser ! I know about 100 people that would love this gadget


 Hi Every one I just found this gadget online that might just be the next best thing since slice bread, I was doing a search online and a product called the StressEraser came back in the results, and this little gadget could change the world, No Im not kidding. This is what I do know stress can cause sleepless nights, tension headaches, and long-term effects, hmm I know about a gazillion people who could use this, but anyway Active Forever has found an innovative new solution. Having been called "Nothing short of magical", the StressEraser is a unique product that is sure to help you conquer stress and feel young again.

A biological process called ergotropic tuning changes the way the nerves in your body respond to stress. It causes your nerves to respond faster and more strongly to stress, making you feel stressed more easily, more quickly, and more intensely. The StressEraser works with a biological system in the body called the parasympathetic system to reverse the effects of ergotropic tuning.

Clinicians have found that breathing can regulate the activity of the parasympathetic system. The StressEraser measures the effects of breathing on the parasympathetic system and guides you on how to use this information to reduce ergotropic tuning, and in doing so reduce stress. Simply place your finger on the pulse sensor and then synchronize your breathing to the screen's breath wave. In minutes your mind feels calm and your body feels relaxed. Simply using the StressEraser 15 minutes a night before you go to bed can result in hours of relief and allow you to regain the joys of stress-free living. The StressEraser can also be used to rapidly relieve intense stress and help you to remain calm during stressful situations. Date and time settings allow you to track your daily performance while the backlit screen enables you to use the StressEraser in the dark for maximum relaxation.


Reviews I found !


 “ACTIVATES A PART OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM THAT QUIETS THE BODY—REDUCING STRESS” It's a mini-biofeedback machine that helps to relax your body and calm your mind, just by changing your breathing and your focus... That in turn activates a part of the nervous system that quiets the body—reducing stress.

Robin Roberts, “Good Morning America”
February 24, 2006
Good Morning America
“I felt like I'd just awakened from a nap, but I was not groggy.” For six weeks, I tried the StressEraser three or four times a week, up to three times a day. I got the hang of slowing down my system pretty easily; my forehead, neck and shoulders felt more relaxed after each session. I felt like I'd just awakened from a nap, but I was not groggy.
Samantha Sordyl, "The Washington Post"
January 3, 2006
The Washington Post


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Callie. a StressEraser sounds like a wonderful thing. Especially if it results in a good nights sleep. I am fortunate to be able to handle stress with good results. However, it still may provide positive results. I am sure there are many people who are in need of stress relief and could use this product.
Posted by David Miller, Florida Appraiser & Licensed Real Estate Broker about 11 years ago
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Posted by vzofei over 6 years ago