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Homes lost to Foreclosure up 6 % from last year


Most folks want to stay in their home, therefore, the most popular option for the distressed homeowner is loan modification. This is the process where the homeowner's mortgage is modified (changed) and both the lender and homeowner are in aggreeance with the new terms. This allows the homeowner to stay in their home and afford the new monthly payment. On the other hand, Loss mitigation allows the lender to take a less of a loss now in order to avoid a much greater loss caused by a Foreclosure, Foreclosure, Foreclosure,Foreclosure!!!!!! . Most loan modifications result in lowered interest rates, reducing the principle balance, fixing adjustable rates, stretching out the loan term, moving past due payments to the end of the loan term, or any combination of these.


Check Foreclosure Procedure For Your State

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  • Will review your entire file for free to honestly tell you if you qualify for a loan modification. RETAINER PAYMENT DUE AFTER CASE HAS BEEN ACCEPTED BY THE LAW FIRM.
  • A Caring Staff who treats you like a person instead of a number.
  • Has the legal means to place your foreclosure on pause if more time is needed.
  • Will Negotiate with your lender to ensure the best loan modification (lower rate, forgiven past due payments, and/or longer term which will result in a lower, more affordable payment) for you. 
  • Has a physical address which allows you to visit the Firm at any time if you desire to do so.
  • Will be upfront with you and will not make any promises, as negotiating, means just that. It is impossible to promise any kind of rate or term when it needs to be negotiated.
  • A good track record. Where if you check reputable agencies you will find there are no pending fraudulent cases and will be able to verify licenses with the bar Association.
  • Will determine if you qualify for The making homes Affordable program and if not then to see if a standard loan mod approved by your lender would be best suited for you.
  • A Money back Guarantee; Most Law Firms or Licensed Attorneys do not provide any kind of refund based on the outcome. Make sure the Attorney you choose does offer a money back guarantee. 

*** The Law firms I have researched and have been working with for over a year have competitive fees. I made sure that the fees would be affordable to any ordinary homeowner. ***

I pledge to be 100% honest, diligent, and treat you with integrity.

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Great post...loved the links and your transition to how you can help.

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