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Why won't my lender work with me?

Why Won't My Lender Work With Me?

See this disturbing video about a congress woman who tried to help 3 homeowners modify their loan. http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=6704983

What the lenders fail to realize is this is now the time to communicate with the homeowner. 'Hardship Conditions' have a tendency to be temporary in nature. Many families or individuals have now rectified that hardship condition and can now resume making monthly mortgage payments. Although mortgage companies do have Loss Mitigation departments, the reality here is mortgage companies are in the "NOTE" business.

Why won't my lender work with me? They are not in the business of collections, telemarketing, debt resolution or Loss Mitigation. Most companies have not allocated the resources to adequately staff and operate a Loss Mitigation Division. Some of these mortgage companies have hundreds or thousands of delinquencies monthly. From month to month, this caseload becomes so tremendous that it simply isn't feasible to continually contact these people who are delinquent to see if they are now in a situation to resume their mortgage on a monthly basis. This is why most mortgage lenders are unwilling to help, usually demanding full payment of everything in arrears. Although some people facing foreclosure are willing to walk away from their properties, most people don't want to lose their most valuable asset - their home.


Most homeowners have no one to provide them with assistance in rectifying their delinquency situations - they simply aren't familiar with the rights or options they have available to stop the foreclosure process. As a result, they are inundated with dozens of calls from real estate investors, who naturally want their property, or attorneys, who advise them to file bankruptcy - not knowing that Loss Mitigation will earn the same fee, take less time, and produce a much more favorable result. The lenders do not have the homeowner's interest at heart, trying to take advantage of the homeowner's misfortune. Without some intervention from an outside source, foreclosure is right around the corner.

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I have complied a handful of Attorneys and Law Firms who:

1. Are  in good standing with the Bar Association
2. Are actual licensed attorneys who will be representing you and negotiating for you.
3. Have proof of success
4. Have passed my legitimacy test (scam free, and researched thoroughly through reliable resources.)
5. Have reasonable fees
6. Have the clients best interest in mind
7. Are structured and organized
8. Are in compliance with federal regulations and guidelines
9. Are helping homeowners in the State you reside in

As you can see this takes a lot of footwork and many hours to develop. Each Attorney or Law Firm is unique in their own way and offer different services and have variable fees.

What I will do is discuss with you one on one about your unique situation. I will then determine your eligibility, and will decide which one of these legit Attorney's will suit your specific needs. Once you are on board with a specific law firm, (which I will help you with) you and I will stay in contact throughout the process if you wish. I do not charge a fee to provide this information to you. I am so fed up with all of the scams, I feel it is my personal duty to stand up for the public and provide this service.

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Why won't my lender work with me?
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